Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Follow-up actions for the protection of the Reunion cuckooshrike

On 28 November, the SEOR and the Nature Park of Reunion Island organized a technical committee with the National Life BIODIV’OM Coordinator and the LIFE Program Management Controller at the LPO in order to follow actions to protect the Tuit-tuit.

Tuit-tuit Technical Committee in the presence of SEOR, PNRun and the LPO © LPO

A busy first year

For this first year of the program, the SEOR, supported by the PNRun have set up rat control actions to control the rat populations within the habitat of the Tuit-tuit. For this purpose, volunteer brigade leaders were trained to supervise other volunteers during participatory work on rat extermination. In this way, the management of invasive alien species can be realized in a sustainable allowing the population of Tuit-tuit to grow. It is also an optimal way to involve local populations in the protection of the species and to raise awareness of the threats to the species.

A year 2020 just as dense

In order to ensure the sustainability of the species and given its small size within the Massif de la Roche-Ecrite, translocation actions are planned to initially strengthen existing populations by promoting the exchange of individuals and in a second time to create a new viable core of the species on a site where the species is currently absent but where old traces of the presence of the species have been observed.

This flagship action, however, requires substantial preliminary work regarding the choice of the new translocation site but also about the method to be used to effectively succeed this action.

Assessment at the technical committee

On November 28th, the various actors thus carried out a technical committee to take stock of the progress of the actions and to discuss future actions for 2020. The national coordinator of Life BIODIV’OM was thus able to take stock with the local teams during his trip during this coordination mission on the Reunion island.