Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

A new partnership to preserve the Ambato lagoon and protect the Madagascar pond heron !

In July 2020, the GEPOMAY association signed a partnership agreement with the Jardin de Mtsangamouji association in order to intervene on the Ambato lagoon site and protect the Madagascar pond heron.

The GEPOMAY and Jardin de Mtsangamouji associations together on the Ambato lagoon © GEPOMAY

Legitimate and necessary collaboration

Within the framework of LIFE BIODIV’OM, GEPOMAY is responsible for the implementation of actions aimed at protecting the Madagascar pond heron, including those to be carried out on the site of the Ambato lagoon, the feeding and reproduction site of the species. The Jardin de Mtsangamouji association, an association of the municipality, has been working on the lagoon since 2018 and presents agents daily on the site, which is why GEPOMAY has decided to join forces with this structure so that it carries out the actions of the program on the site.

A year of action to preserve the Ambato lagoon
The Jardin de Mtsangamouji association will therefore carry out various actions over the coming year:
– Carrying out surveillance patrols in order to avoid the degradation of the site and to limit acts of poaching on Madagascar pond heron if the colony is resettled this year
– Continuation of regular site cleaning actions
– Restoration of wet meadows in close collaboration with breeders and farmers, coordinated by GEPOMAY
– Participation in discussions on the development of the site in favor of the species
– Collaboration with GEPOMAY and LPO for the production and implementation of educational materials on the site
– Continuation of visits and awareness-raising of the general public on the preservation of the site

Ambato lagoon
Ambato Lagoon is a 4.48 hectare wetland. Mainly used for scientific explorations and events, the latter is also the site of illegal cultivation, causing disturbance during the breeding season of the Madagascar pond heron. After 2 years of absence, the species was observed at the breeding site during the 2018-2019 season but not during the 2019-2020 season. The implementation of actions on the site may participate in the resettlement of a colony in the coming years.

Ambato Lagoon © DroneGo

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