Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

One more step towards the protection of the Ambato Lagoon!

On June 19, 2019, GEPOMAY participated in the monitoring committee of the Ambato lagoon in order to validate the perimeter of the future Prefectural Order of Biotope Protection and discuss the developments put in place on the site that will protect the Madagascar pond heron.

COPIL of the lagoon of Ambato © GEPOMAY


A steering committee (COPIL) is composed of different members involved in the project. The committee ensures the smooth running of the operations according to the objectives and maintains a dynamic within the various actors involved.

The COPIL of the Ambato Lagoon of June 19, led by the DEAL of Mayotte, brought together the different key players of the site: the GEPOMAY, the National Botanical Conservatory of Mascarin, the County Council, the West Central Community of Communes (3CO), the local Mtsangamouji Garden Association, the Mtsangamouji deputy mayor and the municipal police. All together, the various stakeholders have successfully updated the boundaries and regulations on the site to protect this wetland, the Madagascar pond heron’s breeding site.

The lagoon of Ambato

The Ambato Lagoon is a wetland of 4.48 hectares. Mainly used for scientific explorations and animations, this one is also the place of illegal cultivations, inducing a disturbance during the breeding season of the Madagascar pond heron. After 2 years of absence, the species was observed on the breeding site in early 2019.

The Prefectural Order of Biotope Protection (APB)

Prefectural Order of Biotope Protection are regulated areas with a natural heritage of interest including protected species. They are implemented by orders made by the Departmental Prefect and aim to promote the conservation of biotopes necessary for the feeding, reproduction, rest or survival of protected species on French territory, which he The Ambato Lagoon site has had a this since 2005 but the uncertain boundaries of the site have led to difficulties in the application of the regulations.

Actions on the Ambato Lagoon

Wet meadow and Madagascar pond heron’s breeding site, Ambato Lagoon is one of the key sites identified by Life BIODIV’OM. In order to protect the species, various actions will be put in place such as the creation of a partial fence of the site and the construction of a platform.