Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

A new participatory science platform is born in Overseas!

For the start of the 2022 school year, the LPO and GEPOMAY are pleased to announce the opening of the Faune-Mayotte portal, a powerful participatory science tool which, thanks to the observations of enthusiasts, will make it possible to improve the management and protection of Mayotte fauna.

Field observation – Mariane HARMAND/GEPOMAY

A network of observers to improve knowledge of wildlife

The Faune-Mayotte naturalist platform was created thanks to the European Life BIODIV’OM project. Coordinated on the territory by the GEPOMAY association and thanks to the help of several volunteer experts, it is part of the Visionature network in France and Europe.

Faune-Mayotte allows any user to enter their wildlife observations, consult them, analyze them and thus share their discoveries on the map. These observations constitute an extremely rich and available database to support expertise, protect a site, inventory species, understand the evolution of populations, etc.

Informative leaflet on the Faune-Mayotte platform

By sharing your wildlife observations, you participate in the deployment of a powerful tool for improving knowledge and the implementation of effective protection actions for the natural heritage of Mayotte!

Simply enter data and follow naturalist news

Entering data on the smartphone – Mariane HARMAND/GEPOMAY

How are observations entered?

  • on the website
  • directly in the field, from your smartphone, with the NaturaList application (download links for Android or iOS)

From your terrace, during a cruise, on a boat trip or on a hike, launch the application: point to your location, select the species you have observed, add a photo and additional information if you wish. This input system is perfectly suited to amateurs and represents a considerable time saving for naturalists in the field.

What data to enter?

Observations of wild animals of course: birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects… In Mayotte, however, we invite people to use the Tsiono platform, already in place, to transmit observations concerning cetaceans, fish and marine mammals.

Is the data verified?

Each piece of data is validated by naturalist experts specializing in Mayotte fauna, volunteers or project partners such as GEPOMAY, the Indian Ocean Chiroptera Group, the Naturalists of Mayotte or the Mayotte Marine Nature Park.

Data analysis in the office – Mariane HARMAND/GEPOMAY

A new platform after French Guiana, Martinique and Reunion!

In 2012, three overseas portals were created as part of the LIFE+ CAP DOM project, coordinated by the LPO:

  • Faune-Guyane: coordinated and led by GEPOG, the platform lists more than 1 million observations and more than 1600 registered observers!
  • Faune-Reunion: coordinated and run by SEOR, the platform is home to nearly 90,000 sightings and nearly 1,000 registered observers!
  • Fauna-Martinique: the portal lists nearly 40,000 data with more than 550 registered observers.

Faune-Mayotte thus sees the light of day as part of the LIFE BIODIV’OM project. In 2022, the Faune-Saint-Barthélemy-Saint-Martin platform should also be open. A Faune-Antilles site will also be set up before the end of the LIFE project.