Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Educational visit in Martinique

First school outing of LIFE BIODIV’OM in Martinique

Teams from the Parc Naturel de Martinique organized a school outing and took advantage of this moment to talk about the LIFE BIODIV’OM and present the actions implemented on the White-breasted trasher.

Presentation of LIFE BIODIV’OM actions © PNM


Conducted by the Parc Naturel de Martinique, this educational visit was facilitated by the PNM teams in order to discover the rich fauna, flora and geology of the Réserve Naturelle Nationale de la Caravelle. A half day during which the local coordinator of the Life BIODIV’OM program presented the actions of the Life BIODIV’OM program.

A total of 74 students from three grades of the Collège Edouard GLISSANT have been made aware of the threatened biodiversity of the 5 Outermost Regions on which the LIFE actions take place.

In particular, students were made aware of the conservation issues of the White-breasted trasher, a highly endangered bird found in the bush forests of the Caravelle Peninsula.