Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

FOCUS on the International BirdsCarribean Congress

From 25 to 29 July 2019 took place the 22nd international congress BirdsCaribbean, organized by the Guadeloupe National Park and BirdsCaribban organization.

The PNM present in the BirdsCarribean © PNM

The BirdsCarribean

The nonprofit ornithological organization was founded in 1988 and is currently the largest regional organization dedicated to bird conservation in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a global biodiversity hotspot with more than 513 listed bird species, of which 34% are endemic and 11% are endangered. Given the fact that birds do not have the notion of border and that many of them migrate through the Caribbean, it is advisable to network with the various actors of the Caribbean.

The International Birds Carribean Congress

BirdsCaribbean’s main mission is to protect Caribbean birds and their habitats. To this end, it implements awareness-raising, education and carries out research and conservation actions. Every two years, it organizes an international congress that brings together different avifauna stakeholders to discuss about the latest work in this area.

By attracting more than 300 visitors from Caribbean territories, the BirdsCaribbean conference represents for the Guadeloupe archipelago, the opportunity to value the conservation work implemented for more than 40 years and to position itself as a territory of excellence.
In 2019, the congress was held from 25 to 29 July 2019 at Karibea Beach Hotel – Gosier.

The Martinique Natural Park at BirdsCaribbean

An important player in the protection of the environment in the Caribbean, the PNM went to the international congress in Guadeloupe, an opportunity to exchange with their counterparts and researchers who work and study the subspecies of White breasted thrasher in St. Lucia.